Pike Mountain Farm is a pasture raised livestock farm located amidst the rolling hills of north central West Virginia, in Preston county.

Providing premium pastured eggs, chicken, and pork.





The meat chickens also known as broilers spend eight weeks here at the farm. They arrive as day old chicks; spend a few weeks growing feathers in the brooder, then head out to the pasture. Once on the pasture they are moved every day to fresh grass and are supplemented with feed. 



All eggs come directly from our flock of laying hens rotated around the pasture here at Pike Mountain Farm. The hens spend their days eating grass, seeds and bugs. Their foraging and hunting is supplemented with feed to provide a balanced diet and help them produce high quality eggs. The hens also play an important role in regenerating the pasture by lightly scratching the ground as they hunt and leaving fertilizer.




Our pigs come to the farm after they are weaned from their mothers. Once on farm they spend a few weeks "training" and getting comfortable on our farm in the training corral. Once they are used to the electric net fence and used to us, they are rotated throughout the farms woodlot and pasture. We want to pigs to be able to express their pigness and do what pigs do explore, eat, root around, etc. . .



We source local beef from fellow farmers and take care of the processing to make retail cuts of meat such as steaks, roasts and burger available to our customers. We are buying live animals and only from farmers we personally trust.


Our Story . . .

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Turning dreams into reality, one day at a time.

What does success look like for you? For us, it used to look like plans for a big house, trips to music festivals, and high paying jobs in the corporate world. The American Dream, so to speak, that is until we realized "stuff and money" can't make us happy. Now all we want is to raise our two boys on a piece of ground that we work. We want to know where our food comes from and how to raise it, process it and store it. We want to have "time" to be together as a family. We want to be healthy. We want our boys to value hard work and live not of this world.

3 years ago, with a newborn baby in hand, we bought a small farm in Reedsville, West Virginia. We have no "real" farm experience, neither of us grew up raising animals or other sources of food. However, we do have our faith in Jesus, a God-sized dream, our love and devotion for each other and the support of our families - and for us that's all we need.

Welcome to our farm Story - Come Grow With Us!




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